Monday, January 24, 2011

A Hidden Gem in Tilton, N.H.

On Saturday, Z and I went snowboarding at Loon Mountain with a few friends of ours. We had to be back in Boston Saturday evening, but we were both in the mood for a quick, yet delicious dinner on the long ride home. We both were in the mood for a slice of pizza, and after visiting a few pizzerias off the Tilton, N.H. exit that didn't serve pizza by the slice, we finally stumbled upon Tilton House of Pizza - a hidden gem in the quaint town of Tilton.

Tilton House of Pizza, unfortunately, also doesn't serve pizza by the slice, but the aromas of their pies drew us in - and we ended up purchasing a large pizza, topped with onions and green peppers, knowing we'd have some leftovers for later on that evening. While we waited for our pizza to cook, Z and I rested in one of THOP's comfy, clean booths and watched the Celtics game on their flatscreen TV.

Before we knew it, our pie was done, and we grabbed some paper plates and crushed red pepper, and went back on the road to Boston. Z and I both devoured two slices in no time, and we were both impressed with the thick, yet airy and crispy crust. The pizza was insanely cheesey and the toppings were plentiful - two characteristics of a pizza that I think are critical, especially when there's a worthy crust holding everything up.

For future reference - if you ever happen to find yourself in Tilton like we did - Tilton House of Pizza's prices are also very inexpensive. Z, the wonderful man that he is, paid for our pie, but I know it didn't cost more than $8 or $9. On the tables, THOP also advertised their beer mugs and pitchers, which ranged from $1.50-$3. Just sayin'.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Sometimes the best meals come from hidden gems like this!

  2. I love when I find a new delicious place! This weekend we used a groupon at a local burger joint! It was deelicious!