Monday, November 1, 2010

Brunch at Cambridge Common

It's probably clear by now how much I love brunch. Since that's already established, you can probably imagine how excited I was when Z suggested going to brunch at Cambridge Common this past Saturday with some of our friends.

Per usual, I started with the ginormous Bloody Mary ($6.95), which is always extra spicy and full of flavor at Cambridge Common. The jumbo-sized olives and pickled asparagus, string beans and carrots also act as fun, delicious garnishes to the drink.

For a meal, I ordered the Breakfast B.L.T. ($7.95), which included a fried egg, tomato, lettuce, avocado and chipotle mayo between two pieces of multi-grain toast. I asked for no "B," but was charged full price anyway. Meh.

The B.L.T. came with well-seasoned home fries and a fresh fruit cup. 

I've ordered this sandwich for brunch at Cambridge Common before, and it is consistently well made. I guess it can be hard to screw up an egg sandwich, but the freshness of the ingredients used, and the subtle touches of flavor (i.e. chipotle mayo) really make this sandwich extra tasty. It's also really good with the bacon on it - I just wanted something a little lighter this particular Saturday morning. 

Overall, we had another great meal at Cambridge Common - it's one of our favorite local places. The eatery has recently changed management, so I'm eager/anxious to see how things pan out. Z and I will be there again tonight for the Ommegang beer dinner, which I'll be sure to write a recap of later this week.

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  1. I haven't been there for brunch before but I'm a huge fan of the tater tots!